Personal Branding (2017)
My personal branding was published and earned a Merit Award in the Fall 2017 How Magazine.
Web publication can be viewed below under the student category:
2017 How Magazine Promotion and Marketing Awards

My personal branding development focuses on career building skills and preparation for my Internship independent project under Joey Hannaford, Associate Professor at the University of West Georgia. Developed artifacts include: portfolio box that includes portfolio pieces and mini portfolios with a 1" magnifying dome, resume, business card, thank you card, mini portfolio pieces, and mini notebooks. 

Development Process: Notebooks represent an extension of my brain and has become part of me since before college. I do not go anywhere without a notebook which organizes all my checklists, ideas, personal notes and todo lists. I created these mini notebooks for easy pocket transportation. All artifacts, excluding the portfolio box, are personally printed on a variety of weights of cougar paper. Each artifact is either hand trimmed or cut on a personal silhouette cutter and then scored, folded, stitched and/or bound.

The mini portfolios are my leave items that will be given to the potential business(s) or client(s) to thank them for their time meeting with me. The 1" magnifying dome allows some one-on-one interaction as you move your finger across the miniature pieces.